Things Expectant Mothers Miss During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy sure takes a long time, and mothers end up missing a lot of things by the time it’s over. Well, on a different note, how about we see what moms miss during pregnancy?

As we all know, there is a long, long list of things that change during this very special time in a woman’s life. And if you’re pregnant now, sometimes you need some assurance that other pregnant moms are feeling—and missing—the same things as you.

Read up on some of the most common things that expectant mothers miss (and wish they could do without), as told by real moms on the BabyCenter blog:

A normal sense of smell

I miss the ignorant bliss of not being able to smell everything in the room.” —Mia

I miss being able to do the dishes without gagging.” —Courtney

I totally miss having my ordinary sense of smell instead of the sensitive ‘dog nose’ I have now. I don’t want to smell what my co-worker is eating 200 feet away.” —Anne

It seems all of my close friends and family members have distinctive smells (body odor, perfumes and colognes, or something they always eat). I actually have to avoid one friend who practically bathes in cologne. I have a hard time explaining it to him.” —Joleen

Alcoholic drinks

I’m not a drinker in the least, but I’ve been craving margaritas like they’re the secret to life.” —Jen

I miss wine. After a long stressful day or with a really good meal, there’s nothing like a nice glass of wine.” —Jessica

I miss the taste of beer and being able to have one whenever I want: with dinner, on my balcony on a nice day, after a hard day at work. Sigh.” —Laura

I miss hanging out with the girls drinking margaritas.” —Ashley

Off-limits foods

I’ve craved sushi so badly since becoming pregnant, I almost don’t want to eat. California rolls made with imitation crab meat have had to suffice.”  —Cassandra

Sushi! My boyfriend is going to bring me spicy tuna rolls from our favorite place while I’m in the hospital.” —Michelle

Deli meat. I was a sandwich-a-day girl, and lunch hasn’t been the same since I got pregnant.” —Jessica

Eggs over easy!” —Leanne

Peaceful sleep

I miss sleeping on my back and stomach, not using the bathroom every hour or so, and not having back pain!” —Lilac

Getting out of bed without having to roll off.”  —Susan

I sleep eight to ten hours and still need a couple of power naps each day.” —Joleen

Sleeping on my back, and sleeping without waking up to achy legs every 30 minutes.” —Justine

No comfortable sleeping position and the nap monster attacking daily at 3 p.m.!” —Paigers38

I can’t seem to keep my eyes open past 9 o’clock at night. Of course, once I fall asleep, it doesn’t last long because I get these vicious kicks to the bladder from my diva in training.” —Lynne

Feeling sexy

The sexy blonde doesn’t look so sexy with her roots showing through! I miss getting my hair done!” —Cassandra

I miss being sexy because I don’t feel that way very much.” —Tiffany

I’m huge and uncomfortable and I miss my cute outfits.” —Aedansmommy

I miss when my husband told me I was sexy and I actually believed he thought it.” —sleepless

I miss my thong panties. I hate granny panties. And I never want to wear another maxi pad in my life.” —jasonsmommy

A rocking sex life

I really miss sex with my husband. My sex drive is fine, but he’s convinced that it would hurt the baby.” —Paige

I miss being able to change it up a little. Being confined to the one position that works now is no fun at all.” —Kris

I miss sex. We still do it, but it’s just not the same. It doesn’t feel the same; it’s awkward, hardly spontaneous, and just not sexy.” —Katie

Feeling strong and independent

I miss being viewed as a powerful and independent woman. People won’t let me do anything for myself. I can still do a lot of stuff – slowly, mind you, but I can still do it.” —Mia

I miss feeling like I can remember things and being detail oriented. I forget everything and make really dumb errors now.” —Jolene

I miss being able to clean my house and keep it clean. I just don’t have the ability or the energy to scrub it anymore, and my husband doesn’t have the time. The mess just builds up and drives me crazy.” —Linda

What’s driving me nuts is not being able to pick up things off the floor!” —Peachie

I miss putting on underwear without face planting.” —Tory

My pre-pregnancy body

I missed my feet. They disappeared somewhere around month five.” —Jen

I miss hugging like a normal person. Now I have to shift the belly to the side when I’m going in for a hug. My 7-year-old says she misses it, too.” —Anonymous

I miss my abs! I finally get boobs (from an A to a C), and now my midsection looks like I’m smuggling a melon.” —Gin

I miss having boobies that don’t look like Spiderman had a personal hand in decorating them.” —Alicia

My chin; I now have two chins lumped together.” —Nina

Adorably pedicured, normal-size feet.” —Jen

Emotional control

I miss my old attitude (because apparently this one is b*tchy).” —marymakk

Everything makes me cry – either happy tears or sad tears.” —KandyG

Oh, I miss having control of my emotions. I’m so tired of breaking down over stuff.” —Heather

I miss being so easygoing. I’m nagging and grumpy now.” —Rae




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