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  • 13 of the Funniest Pregnancy Myths You’ll Love to Know

    13 of the Funniest Pregnancy Myths You’ll Love to Know

    You hear a lot of silly things when you’re pregnant. Exercise will cause your baby to be strangled by the umbilical cord! Absolutely false. Older relatives may try and guess the gender of your baby by dangling a wedding ring on a string and watching how it swings. Here are a few of the funniest myths we’ve heard. 1- If you have heartburn during pregnancy, your baby will be born with a full head of hair. 2 – If you swim […]

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  • 10 Ways to Involve “Dad” During Pregnancy

    10 Ways to Involve “Dad” During Pregnancy

    As it definitely took 2 to tango to get you to this point of becoming pregnant, often now there are times during the various stages of pregnancy that dads are often confused as to what supporting role they now must play. Here are some ideas on how to include your partner in your pregnancy. 1- Take daily walks together. Even if just a short trip up the road to get some ice cream, the exercise and fresh air is healthy […]

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  • Encouraging Healthy Eating for Your Child

    Encouraging Healthy Eating for Your Child

    I speak with a lot of moms who want to know how to encourage healthy eating with their babies and toddlers. Like any family, we have room for improvement, but in general I am confident in my children’s nutrition. They like a variety of foods, will happily munch on veggies and aren’t afraid of a little spice. My mother-in-law recently visited and was impressed by their eating and if you know anything about mother-in-laws– that means a lot! Here are […]

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  • Yoga Breathing Practices for Childbirth

    Yoga Breathing Practices for Childbirth

    The benefits of yoga for pregnant women are well-documented and accepted in the prenatal community.  Perhaps you are taking prenatal yoga classes and are wondering how you might apply the breathing you are doing in class to your labor?  Or maybe you haven’t made it to a class or have been focusing on another form of labor and delivery preparation but would like as many tools as possible for your birth. At its core, yoga is about the unity of […]

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  • Sunny Day Mommy and Me Playdate Ideas

    Sunny Day Mommy and Me Playdate Ideas

    Looking for some fun in the sun with your toddlers? Here are some fun playdate ideas! 1-Hula Party Plan a hula party! The kids can wear grass skirts and make their own leis with fresh flowers on a string. Your little ones will love playing with hula hoops and having a modified limbo and surfing contest. 2- Tie-Dying Shirts Easy and fun to create. Use bright summer colors and have a kiddy fashion show to display their new creations. 3-Teddy […]

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  • 10 Fun & Silly Developmentally Boosting Games to Play with Your Baby

    10 Fun & Silly Developmentally Boosting Games to Play with Your Baby

    Playtime can be both fun as well as provide your baby with some important learning and developmental skills. Here’s a list of some of our favorite silly games to play that both you and your baby will love! 1- Look at Stuff  Babies love  spoons, wire whisks, spatulas, books and magazines with pictures, water bottles, colorful fabrics, etc. Let your baby look, touch, and grip these objects. Their little  inquisitive minds just love it.  2- Mom’s Closet Your lifetime of accumulating a closet of bright, colorful,and […]

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  • Yoga with Your Toddler

    Yoga with Your Toddler

    In my opinion, really nothing is cuter than a two year old in Downward Facing Dog Pose. What is better than cute, however, is her mom or dad in the pose with her. Yoga for kids classes have taken off.  Yoga for postpartum moms and their little babies is now common at yoga studios and community centers. Yoga for toddlers, however, is a different down dog although! Here is what I have learned about the special and loving practice of […]

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  • Herbs and Spices for Your Baby and Toddler

    Herbs and Spices for Your Baby and Toddler

    When I began feeding my first daughter solid food, I kept her food pretty much spice-free into her toddler years. Seven years later I am feeding my third child and she is by no means eating bland. At one and half years old, this girl lives for Indian buffets! I recently had the pleasure of talking spices, herbs and baby/toddler eating with a group of moms who incorporate different cultural backgrounds into their food choices for their little ones. Nothing […]

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