7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Cloth Diapers

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In previous, lengthy posts, I talked on end about everything that you need to know about cloth diapers, as well as the many benefits of using them over disposable ones. And yet here I am, revealing several reasons why you shouldn’t be using them. Here goes:

1. It’s addicting.

You probably already know where this article is going, but do continue! For the first item, I’m here to warn you that deciding to go the cloth diaper route involves preparation–to be helplessly addicted to cloth diaper shopping, hoarding, mixing and matching inserts… You’ll basically want to buy them all!

2. It’s time consuming.

I’m not even talking about all the washing and stuffing that you’ll be doing a few times a week, on top of your regular laundry load. I’m referring to the multiple times that you’ll be on Facebook and other online shopping websites, looking through different (and exclusive!) designs and waiting for midnight sales! Add to that the extensive periods of chatting with other cloth diapering moms. As it turns out, there are a lot that you can talk about!

3. Your friends might get sick of you showing off your kids’ bottoms.

Why else would you choose several colorful designs if you’re not going to be showing them off? By all means, do it! Those cute designs deserve to be shown off and appreciated, especially in a generation where many people are still clueless about the existence of fashionable diapers. But be warned, the very same people could be unfollowing or unfriending you. (Not that you should care!)

4. It requires some studying.

With disposables, you usually just choose a brand that’s good for your toddler as well as the size, and you’re done. With cloth? There’s memorizing acronyms (like AIO, AI2, OTB, EBF, LO, etc.), knowing which type of cloth diaper would best fit your lifestyle (hybrid, pocket, all-in-ones?), finding out which insert or tandem inserts is best for heavy wetters and nighttime use, and the like. Then again, it honestly doesn’t feel like studying when you’re simply feeding your curiosity.

5. Buying baby clothes will be more challenging.

You might not realize it at first but you’ll eventually end up wanting to match some (if not all) clothing items with diapers from your stash. Also, you’ll be shopping for bigger sized shorts, pants and onesies in order to allow more room for the adorable, bulky diapers. Hey, at least your child will be fashionable and you can use the same clothes longer!

6. It will make you enjoy things you used to dread.

Like diapers, for instance. They’re no longer just for catching pee and poop, they’ve turned into fashionable clothing items! Oh, and prepare to be even less grossed out by the waste. I’ll bet you’ll also end up calling dibs when it comes to changing, washing and spraying the diapers!

7. Your husband will be questioning you.

In most cases, cloth diapering moms end up ordering once. Unless you are able to get your husband on board with the whole cloth diapering excitement, you will be getting several inquiries and raised eyebrows with every charge on his credit card and fluff mail that arrives on your doorstep. Let’s just hope you won’t have to actually hide those emptied packages just to avoid further questions!



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