5 Ways Dads Can Also Help Moms Breastfeed In Public


Breastfeeding, contrary to popular belief, is not a one-parent job. I know I speak for every mother when I say that I wish even dads can share the responsibility of nursing a child. But believe it or not, you can (and should) have your husband get involved.

Here’s how your partner can help out, especially when you’re breastfeeding in public. Go ahead and hand him your phone or tablet!

1. Affirm her.

What many don’t know is that breastfeeding also involves being in a good, emotional state of mind. The stress and pressure that may be present while a mother breastfeeds in public, especially for the first time, can affect her milk supply and letdown (that’s the ability of her breasts to release milk). Tell her you appreciate what she’s doing and that you’re right there with her. Make sure she feels comfortable and look for ways to make breastfeeding in public easier for her.

2. Don’t stare.

For those who can’t help themselves, the intrigue usually doesn’t last very long. After a while, you and your partner will get so used to it (you seeing them out in the open and your wife letting it out loose) that it will have become so natural and mundane. While getting used to it, try your best not to stare–or, at least, not too long. There’s a difference between being amazed by the beauty of breastfeeding and sexualizing the act. Just remember, your precious baby is eating, and your wife is doing it with her body. Pretty cool, right?

3. Don’t force her to cover up.

It’s natural for dads to feel protective towards their wives, especially when she has to whip out her goods to feed your baby in public. Whatever your deal is, don’t force your partner to use a cover. Not only does it send the wrong message (that you don’t support what she’s doing and are embarrassed by it), sometimes babies are not comfortable with covers. In the end, it might actually do more harm than good.

4. If she wants a cover, support her.

However, there are also those moms who’d rather cover up. In this case, go ahead and help her out. Grab the cover from the bag and help her put it on, so she doesn’t have to free an extra hand that’s better off supporting a baby.

5. Help out with other things.

Whether in public or at home, a breastfeeding mom obviously has a lot on her plate and is usually unable to do other things. While she’s busy nursing your child, have the initiative to do what you can to ease her workload. Remember that she also gets hungry fast, so be ready to offer her food and drinks, especially when the baby is cluster feeding and is nursing longer than expected. Basically just take over everything else while your partner is busy doing her amazing job.



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