5 Things Your Toddler Wants To Tell You When They Throw A Tantrum

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Your child screaming his head off again? The “terrible twos” have certainly come and your patience is already thinning out. The toddler years wouldn’t be the same without tantrums that definitely put every parent and toddler to the test. Thankfully, there are a lot of tried-and-tested tips that will help improve communication and assist your toddler during this time.

Toddlers want to tells us a hell of a lot in the middle of tantrums, but here are just 5 of the most common things that they wish the could tell you in order to help them get through every tantrun.

1. “Hug me, Mommy.”

When your toddler is screaming his head off, giving him a hug might be one of the last things you’d think of doing. For one, it probably won’t make him stop. While that is true, it does help a toddler feel a lot more safer and secure amid the surge of strong emotions, which helps them settle down faster. The next time your little tot throws a tantrum, give him a big firm hug. They might cry harder or push you away, but it still sends the message that you care about them even if you don’t care about their behavior.

2. “Mommy, I freak out to release my frustration.”

Because they are immature and incapable of expressing their feelings and frustration, they do what they’re “programmed” to do–throw a tantrum. It’s not even clear when they’re about to do it. You misunderstand them and they already feel like their wishes and needs are not met. What sometimes helps is to use sign language to better understand each other.

3. “Please give me some space, Mommy.”

Yes, your toddler needs a hug, for you to be calm and to sometimes use sign language to communicate with her better, but sometimes she also just needs to let her anger out naturally. This is exactly why ever book ever written about tantrums instructs parents to not give in to their demands or fight with them head on, and let them writhe on the floor or scream (in a safe place) until they’re done. Once they are, they’ll be able to communicate with you better.

4. “Mommy, please don’t throw a tantrum too.”

Toddlers can throw tantrums as much as several times in a single day, so it’s normal for any adult to lose their patience. However, losing control of your own temper only adds fuel to the fire. Be the adult and try your very best to understand what your toddler is going through and that they’re not doing it on purpose just to piss you off. At this stage, they’re allowed to learn how to handle their emotions and communicate better–especially when they’re feeling hungry, bored, or sleepy. If you need to let off some steam, take a breather. Take a walk or simply lock yourself in the bathroom and take a few deep breaths before facing your toddler with better composure.

5. “Mommy, there’s a lot going on inside my head.”

Toddlers are incredibly fickle-minded and tend to want so many things, and they’re unable to understand why they can’t have ice cream for breakfast or marry their dads. Misunderstand them, miss meals, extend bedtimes, or even break any unwritten toddler rule and you’re screwed. Poor little children, really. They’re probably also frustrated about themselves, and they simply want us to hold their hands and love them through it. Fortunately, they don’t last forever.



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