5 Things To Keep In Mind When Getting A Gift For A Baby’s 1st Birthday


Surprise! You’ve gotten an invitation to a close friend’s kid’s 1st birthday party. You’re probably excited and committed to go, and yet there’s one problem: What do you get the kid? Many moms resort to buying clothes because they’re the easier choice, but then you realize that the child will already probably be getting a whole pile of clothes from his family members alone and you just want to get something that the child could actually enjoy and play with—like a toy.

After deciding to purchase a toy gift, another problem hits you: What kind of toy? If you’re the type who doesn’t wish to grab just anything that has “0+ months” on it, you’re probably better off knowing what best suits a baby with developing senses.

Before you head to the toy store, go on and read about the few basic things to keep in mind about babies when looking for a great gift for a baby’s 1st birthday:

1. Toddlers sure are playful, but one-year-olds are still in the sensory-motor stage of development.This means the birthday celebrant still very much enjoys toys and play that gives them an opportunity to explore his or her multiple senses. At the same time, they love repetition and challenge, which also exercises their emerging motor and cognitive skills.

2. Pretend play skills start to take off at one year onwards. The growing toddler will start imitating actions of adults, such as holding a phone up to their ear and mumbling similar sounding words and syllables. So simple props that can be used for basic pretend play (that the child has definitely seen around the house or outside) can definitely be a big hit!

3. Children begin to understand that objects come in different colors, shapes, and sizes right around their first birthday. Interestingly, they’ll also start to demonstrate their preferences amongst these factors. Toys that include these variables will not only support the child’s growing understanding of these concepts, but also prove to be quite effective in grabbing (and keeping) the child’s interest.

4. Many 12-month-olds still love to put stuff in their mouth.To be extra safe, gifts for 1st birthdays should never have small parts that could be choking hazards. If it fits through a toilet paper carton roll, it can be dangerous to a growing baby.

5. They go through a variety of “sensitive periods” in which they are most open to particular types of learning experiences. While toddlers become bigger sponges after their first birthday, there are moments when their brains are most able to absorb and acquire new information from experiences. Once these moments or “sensitive periods” are over, it’s more difficult for their brains to learn particular skills later on. If you know that the birthday celebrant is in a particular sensitive period, you can use that as a basis for your gift–match them with the type of activity that the toddler is seeking.



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