5 Foods That Help Induce Sleep For You And Your Child

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Sleep is an essential part of everyday life. As most people now wish for sleep more than anything, here’s a little advice from the sleep fairy. Whether you’re having trouble with getting your little toddler to wind down for bedtime, or maybe you yourself can’t seem to catch some zzz’s, here are 5 types of food that you and your little tyke–or even your older kids–can share before bedtime to help you and your youngsters get on the dream train faster than you can yawn or count sheep.

1. Bananas

Bananas aren’t just for Minions, although they do love their daily dose of bananas, they’re also good sleeping buddies. You can probably eat one with your child while reading a bedtime story, or while you catch on with some reading before hitting the sack. It is said that the potassium and magnesium in bananas act as muscle and nerve relaxants thus making it easier to calm your senses down before bed. Fortunate enough, this fruit also contains B6 which increases the body’s serotonin, a known chemical that can make you feel sleepy. So put on your minion pj’s and go get a banana.

2. Honey

Most people think that “sweets” can make any child go hyper, but not for this sweet liquidy goodness. Honey contains glucose, which hinders orexin cells which are known to trigger wakefulness and alertness. This super ingredient is so powerful that just one teaspoon before bed is enough, plus you and your child wouldn’t have to worry about the tooth fairy putting you on the naughty list because honey is also organic which also gives a lot of benefits to your body and most specially for your child’s growing body.

3. Tea

Tea is a relaxing drink that can truly make you feel invigorated and refreshed most specially when it’s hot or warm. Although tea isn’t really advised for your younsgters, but this is perfect for the parents, specially for breastfeeding moms who can’t drink coffee. There are loads of variants of different kinds of teas in supermarkets and tea shops. Two kinds stand out when it comes to aiding in sleep, which is Chamomile tea and Valerian tea which are well-known for having mild and safe sleep aid properties.  Green tea also works well as it has theanine, which helps promote sleep. Just be sure you get a decaf green tea if drinking it at bedtime. Another alternative is lavender tea, thought to have relaxing and anti-stress properties.

4. Rice

This may sound alarming for those diet conscious individuals. According to an Australian study, rice has a high glycemic index property that has the power to easily slash half the time it takes for you to fall asleep.  A glycemic index is a number or scale given to food that indicates how much that it affects the body’s glucose level. Now this certain food may not work for those with high sugar levels in their body or for people who has diabetes. So as mentioned before, glucose makes you feel sleepy. Which is actually an advantage for southeast asian families who are already accustomed to eating rice and find it almost impossible to eat every meal without rice.

5. Dark Chocolate

Chocolates before bed? Seriously? You must be kidding, right? Well, we’re not. Chocolate is actually beneficial if you want to get those much hoped for zzz’s. In this case, our hero is no other than Dark chocolate. Though some chocolates may be bad for your children especially after they have brushed their pearly whites before going to bed, dark chocolate should be an exemption. Dark chocolate contains serotonin helping you and your child feel drowsy, in a good way, and ready to head off to dreamland.

Now say goodbye to those zombie days and racoon eyes from spending the whole night tossing and turning, looking for the perfect angle for you to fall asleep or look for the perfect remedy because these 5 sleep agents will help you and your child get more shut eye.



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