5 Annoying Things People Without Kids Tell Parents

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Parenting sure is a lot harder than most people think it is. You can tell a soon-to-be parent about all of the hardships that come with it, but her new role as a mom still welcomes a whole lot of challenges that she’s never faced before.

I’m sure any parent would agree that you don’t know true hardship if you’re haven’t tried raising children. That said, it probably also irks them when someone without kids complains about how difficult life is for them. Seriously, you should not even be talking that way to any parent.

For every parent’s sake, please be warned and learn about the 5 annoying things that you shouldn’t be telling parents–at least not while you haven’t had kids yet.

1. “When I have kids, I won’t let them…”

I’ve definitely said this a couple of times before, quietly and to myself, at least. I won’t let them eat ice cream until they’re 4, won’t let them watch too much TV, won’t make them wear a harness that makes them look like a dog, won’t spoil them… The list goes on. The truth is, these things are really easier said than done. And until you have kids and understand the truth in this statement, quite frankly, you have no right to open your mouth.

2. “I’m totally broke, I went Christmas shopping and spent all of my holiday pay this year!”

Whatever you did to consider yourself broke can never be compared to a parent’s financial worries. Bummed out that you have to wait until next month before you can buy that gorgeous dress? Impatient about that trip to Cancun that you’ve been saving up for for weeks? Frustrated that you now have to worry about bills in your new, bachelorette pad? Parents won’t trade their children for anything, but they sure would love to worry about those things too instead of being unable to sleep at night due to worry about paying their kids’ tuition fees and allowances well until they’re in college. Everything else (even those weekly pedicures) is now considered luxury.

3. “I’m so busy, I have no free time.”

With no child to raise or a home to keep, you still have the option to cancel appointments, call in sick, call it a day and customize your schedule. But when you’re at a demanding child’s beck and call, you have no choice but to always be there for them. Why else would moms be forced to go to the toilet with their kids? As a parent, you do everything–while simultaneously raising a child. Suddenly, 24 hours in a day is not enough enough.

4. “I’m sooo tired!”

This is probably the best one in the list. I hear anyone (even my husband) say this, and something in my head just clicks. Children (especially infants) demand round-the-clock care, which will definitely delay you doing household chores. Many parents even juggle all that with an online/outside job, extra children and breastfeeding. Moms literally have no time left for themselves. So unless you’ve experienced it, saying that you’re too tired is kind of insensitive.

5. “I know exactly what you mean, I have a puppy.”

Maybe it’s similar, but it’s definitely no comparison. Having pets is real work, sure, but having children is the leveled up version of it, like comparing grilling chicken at home to being a chef at a 5-star restaurant. Really.



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