5 Adjectives To Describe Your Active Toddler

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At past one year, you’ll notice that your baby has completely changed. From angelic and peaceful, you might have a harder time searching for the perfect words to describe your now hyperactive toddler.

Thanks to Caitlin Beauchaine of TheHonestMommy.com, we’ve found a short list of adjectives that you’ll love. They’re very spot on, even mothers-to-be will be able to get a tiny, anxious glimpse of what they’re in for!

1. Impulsive

I have to admit, this is a really good one. I know it’s normal, regular behavior for all toddlers, but it still weirds me out when I see my toddler (sometimes literally) jump at every opportunity to do something, like walk towards something, put something in his mouth, poke something (like an electrical outlet), and a whole other set of actions. He’d run, stomp, scream, cry, throw, hit, laugh, and repeat. You’d think that they’d stop doing something after getting hurt, but no. They’d do it, again and again. It’s pretty insane, to say the least.

2. Irrational

Obviously, this is why they end up throwing tantrums. Sometimes, it’s because they decided they no longer like a particular food (that you got up early for and took forever to prepare), won’t let them play with something that’s clearly not a toy, kept them from entering a potentially dangerous area of the house, kept them from having cookies for dinner, and a million other seemingly unlikely scenarios. Just when you thought you could handle the tears and screaming, you suddenly can’t.

3. Emotional

They are months or years away from understanding and learning how to deal with their emotions. Meanwhile, you have been given the honor of getting full blasts of raw anger, sadness and frustration thrown at you. We’re already familiar with their anger and frustration–it can easily be turned off by handing them their favorite toys or distracting them in the craziest ways. But when they get sad, oh no, you’ll be surprised how much they can break your heart by simply shedding a few tears and giving out a low wail. And why? Just because you didn’t let them play with your tablet. Just when you thought you wouldn’t be dealing with an overly sensitive, hormonal teen just yet…

4. Possessive

My favorite! Not that I like it when my toddler decides that he owns my makeup, or whatever else he saw for the first time. The thing about toddler world is that it makes them feel like little gods, and that they either own or created every little thing that interests them. This can pose as a problem when your child is interacting with other kids and decides that he owns the other kid’s toy. As soon as possible, it would help to teach your child to say words other than “MINE!” such as “Can I borrow this?” or “My turn, please?” nicely.

5. Aggressive

Toddlers love to use their hands. And with their hands, they hit. They’ll hit you in the face to get your attention, hit a toy against a hard surface that will wake the rest of the house up, hit the dog in an attempt to get them to play with him, or even just for fun. Beauchaine best describes this as toddlers being more “hands on,” but moms would definitely agree that it seems more fitting to say that toddlers love to use force and hit someone, anything.

These may sound funny for some parents, but it doesn’t make them any less real. If anything, it only makes the toddler stage an unforgettable time. After all, it only happens once!



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