4 Tips To Make The Crib To Bedroom Transition Safe And Easy (Part 2)

baby sleeping in bed

Your child climbs out of his crib again, and it hits you– it’s time to graduating from the crib and move to his own bed and/or bedroom. While this will obviously be an exciting time for you. there are important steps that you’ll have to take in order to make the transition both safe and easy for your child.

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Make it easy

Even though your child might be very curious about his new environment, an abrupt transition to an unfamiliar room and bed can be difficult. It always takes time and care in order for your tot to adjust well. Here are things that you can do to make it easier for him:

1. Let him pick out his own bed.
Instead of just picking one and surprising your child with it at home, get him involved. This way, you make the idea fun and exciting for him and, at the same time, help him better understand that he will be using a new bed. When you shop for his bed or choose the color for his walls, take him with you or give him choices. You can also pick a bed sheet together, featuring his favorite character. Not only does this help introduce the bed and room, but it also gets him excited to try it out.

2. Take it slow.
The suggestion above sure does a lot in making your child understand the change that’s about to happen, but it’s always best to talk to him and explain why you’re doing it. Just think, letting go of the crib may be difficult for him. If the outcome ends up involving some tears, don’t lose hope. Simply reassure your child that everything will be okay and that he’ll get used to it eventually.

3. Take turns tucking him in.
Having a new bed doesn’t mean you’re also changing your bedtime routine. Go ahead and read stories or sing songs during bedtime, so your child feels more secure. Feel free to add an extra story or song, and get your partner involved. Allot at least an extra 30 minutes for the first few nights, and assure your child that you’ll be there right away when he starts to cry again.

4. Nightlights are important.
With him being in a new environment and becoming more and more aware of his surroundings, he’ll be more prone to feeling wary and scared of “monsters under the bed.” To help them cope, make sure they have a bright nightlight and offer a favorite stuffed animal for company. You can also opt to keep the door slightly open to help make your toddler feel safer.




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