4 Things You Should Avoid Doing With Your Newborn


Newborns are precious and incredibly fragile. There are a lot of obvious things that you shouldn’t do to a newborn baby, but there are still a couple that new and expectant parents have to be informed about in order to keep their tiny bundle of joy safe and sound.

Here are the 4 things you should not to with your newborn:

1. Let him sleep on his tummy

One of the most serious things that you should be warned about is the risk for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). To date, there are still many infants that die during sleep because of unsafe bedding and movements. Aside from keeping the crib free from loose beddings and pillows in order to keep your baby from getting entangled or strangulated, it’s also best that you don’t allow your baby to sleep on his tummy for now. The safest position for an infant to sleep is always on his back. Only allow your baby to be on his belly during supervised “tummy time” while awake so he can strengthen his neck muscles and avoid flat spots on his head.

#2 Let people kiss your newborn

Around this time, a lot of friends and family will want to take a sniff of your precious angel and shower her with kisses. It’s completely understandable, but you shouldn’t let them… for now. Newborns are very vulnerable, so it’s a must for you to protect her from bacteria and germs as much as you can. After all, any kind of sickness can be serious during the first few weeks of life.

Mommy and daddy surely aren’t any exception. Make sure you wash your hands before handling her and avoid kissing her (no matter how badly you want to!). If any visitors are ill, ask them to visit on another day. Again, it’s not about you being overprotective anymore, it’s for the sake of your newborn’s health.

3. Leave dirty diapers on too long

Obviously, right? And yet it has to be emphasized. Surprisingly, even the tiniest of babies urinate and poop most frequently during the first few weeks of life, so there are more chances for your little baby to get diaper rashes. During this time, your newborn can use up to 12 diapers a day (no kidding!) so make sure to check your baby’s diaper regularly. This is really not the time to extend a diaper’s use just to save money. (If you want to, you can choose to use cost-efficient cloth diapers.)

4. Go crazy with baby’s #OOTD

The idea of dressing up your baby in adorable little outfits might interest you, but it’s best to be careful with your newborn wardrobe selection. Newborns are not yet able to regulate their body temperatures, so they can easily get cold and overheat. When your baby is cold, don’t overdress her as it can increase the risk for SIDS and cause fever and dehydration. If you have to warm her up, layer the clothes so you can easily add and remove the clothes according to temperature of the environment you are in. If you live in a tropical area, keep her outfit breathable and comfortable.



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