17 Forbidden Foods You Should Avoid Giving Your Baby (Part 1)

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Parents should exercise caution when deciding to give their youngsters food. While there are easy choices like common fruits and vegetables (in edible forms), it’s important that we consult our pediatrician and do our research before introducing the food choices below:

1. Cow’s milk/Whole milk

It’s not recommended to give babies cow’s milk/whole milk before the first year because it can cause tummy upset and eczema. This is because lactose and milk proteins (except yogurt and cheese) may cause allergic reactions and are hard to digest. Milk also hinders proper absorption of iron, which is crucial before 1 year.

2. Egg whites

Like cow’s milk, egg whites are known to sometimes cause tummy troubles. While it was previously recommended that parents need to wait until the baby is at least 1 year old before introducing egg whites, many pediatricians now say it’s fine to give baked goods that include egg whites to babies between 6 to 12 months. Older infants can have baked goods that include whole eggs.

3. Peanut butter

It was previously recommended that parents wait until 1 to 2 years before giving babies peanut butter because of the risk of allergies. Nowadays, it’s been given the go signal as long as it’s given anytime after 6 months. It should be given in moderation too, considering how sticky it is and can cause a baby to choke.

4. Sticky/hard food

Like peanut butter, hard and sticky foods like popcorn and marshmallows are not recommended for babies. There are definitely other safer and more nutritious snacks that your child can have.

5. Raw veggies and whole pieces of canned fruit

Vegetable and fruits like grapes and carrots have been known to be popular choking hazards. If you really want to give your child grapes and other similar-sized food, remember to cut each into 4 smaller pieces lengthwise so as to make thinner pieces and wait until after your child is at least 10 months of age. The same goes for carrots.

6. Nuts

While they can be pretty healthy, all nuts are present choking hazards in children under 4 years old so it’s better to stay clear of them until then unless they are ground to small, fine bits.

7. Honey

Honey is one forbidden food all moms should take note of, because it can contain bacteria that causes a rare and potentially fatal illness called botulism. It’s best (and recommended) to wait until over 1 year before giving your baby anything with honey.

8. Anything with caffeine

Pregnant and nursing moms are advised to stay away from excessive amounts (more than 1-2 cups) of caffeinated drinks, such as soda, coffee and iced tea. Infants and kids are heavily advised to stay away from them (as well as too much chocolate, which contain small amounts of caffeine) too, for as long as possible. There’s no need for them to be even more hyped up, anyway!

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