15 Things I Miss Most About Being Pregnant

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Being pregnant is a wonderful, wonderful time. Unlike many moms, I didn’t experience any motion or morning sickness, and was having one of the best times of my life. And that’s only the beginning.

Then again, of course, there are those things that can only happen towards the end of pregnancy that I wasn’t too delighted about but miss terribly anyway. Now that my son just celebrated his first birthday a couple of days ago, I can’t help but look back at those ten (yes, not nine!) months of being an oven to my adorable bun and the fun, unforgettable things that I went through.

Below are just some of the things that I can’t wait to experience when I get pregnant again (God willing!) and a couple of others that I wish I could do without but really wouldn’t mind going through again:

1. The baby’s wild kicks! As early as 16 weeks, I was lucky (and petite) enough to have been able to feel my baby’s first tiny kicks. It was cute at first, but I soon got a little bit tired of it towards the end, because they started to really hurt against my ribs. Sob!

2. The baby’s hiccups. Yup, they do it and I noticed them just a couple of weeks after the kicks. (You will recognize too, because they’re repetitive and continues for a couple of seconds). They’re cute and almost ticklish, almost like heartbeat but with longer intervals.

3. The biggest surprise belly sensation of all–the breathing! One day, my eyes just fell on my belly when I noticed movement–consistent rising and falling of one little spot on the surface of my belly. It was the most calming sight.

4. Who wouldn’t miss the special treatment? You’re always first in line, you’re allowed to sit among a crowd who’s asked to stand up (like in church), people always ask what you need, you’re offered help, and you can ask for help without feeling guilty at all about it.

5. Not having to do the tiring chores. Sure, you can do some sweeping, but you get a special pass for the major house cleaning and such. For a couple of weeks, your husband turns into a “houseband,” and you get to tell him what to do. Of course, you shouldn’t also deprive him of that sweet smile while you’re at it!

6. I miss having an excuse to eat whatever I want and as often as I want. At the same time, Not worrying about looking like a house or wearing bigger clothes. People won’t mind that you’re growing bigger, because you’re supposed to!

7. Honestly, even though some moms consider it somewhat of a chore, I miss having to go to monthly, bi-monthly and then weekly check ups.

8. The back rubs! My husband loved giving them, probably because he knows I need it even though I rarely ask for it.

9. The unexpected middle of the night take outs ! I stayed with my family (in case of emergencies), so people who would come home late would usually have something for me.

10. Sleeping all day, without feeling guilty. Besides, it’s not like I could do something about it… my eyelids would start falling at 1PM and 5PM daily (and a couple of times in between if I’m calm and bored)!

11. I miss reading about how my baby was growing in my belly weekly. From coin-sized to watermelon-sized, imagining his rapid growth was a fun adventure!

12. The vivid dreams. Oh, there were lots of them! I’d be dreaming about celebrities being my husband, my baby looking like someone in my family, and a collection of other random and super weird dreams… even during tiny naps!

13, The anticipation. It was exciting and it all made my and my husband grow closer than ever.

14. The heavy belly. More than that, I miss consistently and absentmindedly stroking my round belly, whenever I wanted my baby to “feel” that I love him, that I’m thinking about him and wish he’s doing alright in there.

15. Feeling like a walking miracle. Because I was. God was doing his amazing work inside me, and without my awareness of what’s really happening in there, just imagine, I was creating a human from our (and His) image and likeness. Such an amazing, amazing time to be alive!



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