11 Tips To Putting Your Baby To Sleep At Last (Part 2)

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Some parents have such an easy time putting their incredibly behaved and angelic babies to sleep. For the rest of us, it’s a never ending battle. The moment you even think that you have it right down pat, you’ll face an obstacle that will basically put you back to square one in learning what works best on your tireless child.

Go ahead and try these tested techniques to putting your baby to sleep and see what works for you. At least you no longer have to wonder what else to try when nothing you’ve done seems to work in the middle of the night.

(Read items 1-6 in the first part of this article HERE.)

7. Playing music

If you choose to try playing music to help relax your child during her bedtime routine, it’s always best to to pick out ones that don’t have audible voices. Stick to instrumentals with a slow, calming tempo. There shouldn’t be any loud percussions or singing, as these have different pitches and sounds that can alert your baby instead of put them to sleep. You can try nursery rhymes with no lyrics, or some Mozart. If played with the right volume, this can serve as your white noise.

8. Rub her head, ears and back

For my toddler who likes sleeping on his belly (not recommended for babies below 8 months), this gently eases your baby’s tension, calms down a fussy baby and makes him feel safe and loved. I do this for a couple of minutes and as long as he’s no longer moving about, I’m sure he’ll quickly drift off to sleep. Then again, I’ve been doing this to him since he was born, so he’s pretty much gotten used to it.

9. Light reading

For most babies, it’s recommended to include some light reading in their nightly bedtime routine. Not only does it teach them to love books, they also feel more secure and relaxed by your calm voice. (You can also use this opportunity to teach them about love and family.) If done consistently and with the same books, your child will feel secure and will be reminded (even in the years to come) that it’s time to really sleep soon, so they’ll end up yawning in no time.

10. Making meditative sounds

Many moms swear by doing some chants , and this is because the deep vibrations from your chest (yes, not the actual words) calms both the baby and yourself. Try saying extended versions of “ohm” and “ahm” while swaying with  or caressing your baby. And you know what they say, a baby is able to mimic their caregiver’s mood.

11. Breastfeed

If nothing’s worked so far, I’ll bet this will! Breastfeeding has a naturally relaxing effect for babies. Not only that, it regulates their breathing, normalizes their blood pressure, and calms them down. Breastfeeding moms proudly use this as their weapon for putting their babies fast asleep. One more thing: It also ensures that your baby won’t be disturbed by an empty stomach, so he can sleep longer and more soundly through the night.



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