11 Tips To Putting Your Baby To Sleep At Last (Part 1)

baby sleeping

Some parents have such an easy time putting their incredibly behaved and angelic babies to sleep. For the rest of us, it’s a never ending battle. The moment you even think that you have it right down pat, you’ll face an obstacle that will basically put you back to square one in learning what works best on your tireless child.

Go ahead and try these tested techniques to putting your baby to sleep and see what works for you. At least you no longer have to wonder what else to try when nothing you’ve done seems to work in the middle of the night.

1. Pat them on the back or bum

Mild pats on the back or on the baby’s thigh/bum can be both soothing and relaxing for a baby. At the same time, the repetition (which babies love) might help him fall asleep altogether.

2. Caress their neck

Carefully slide the side or back of your hand against your baby’s neck. It can be incredibly relaxing–for the baby and any adult who experiences it!

3. Put on some white noise

If you have a colicky baby, you may have tried this technique before. Instead of putting on music, try using sounds like gentle raindrops or the shower, TV or radio static, the fan or air-conditioning, or even the blower or vacuum. These are called “white noise,” which can be quite noisy at first but effectively blocks out other sounds so your baby doesn’t get disturbed by assorted pitches and noises of different volumes.

4. Massaging their feet

Who doesn’t like foot massages! I know I love them, but so does my baby, apparently! Giving a baby a cute, foot massage is a great way to ease them of their tension or stress. Add some essential oils (like lavender) to relax them and encourage sleep.

5. Rocking or bouncing them

Rocking a baby remains to be one of the most common ways to put your baby to sleep. The rocking motion and your warm arms around the baby reminds them of being in the womb, which was their original special place. But one tip though from many moms is that gently bouncing them (doing some slow deep lunges while holding your baby in your arms) works even better!

6. Swaddling

This works wonders, especially for a colicky baby. Swaddling a baby means wrapping her body up to her arms snuggly in a cloth or specially-made swaddle blanket. It quickly calms the baby down and also has the power to put them to sleep. This technique also reminds them of being in the womb, so it’s no surprise how it can make them feel safe and secure in the overwhelming, outside world.

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