10 Things You Should Know About Toddlers (Part 2)

smiling toddler

Whether or not you’re a parent, you’re bound to be in the presence of a wild toddler. For your sanity, it’s best to be prepared, or even over prepared, for such an instance because, trust me, you’ll need the heads up! Check out our little guide to toddlers below:

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6. Intelligence leaps

My toddler surprised me a couple of weeks ago when he stole the remote control and pointed it at the television while mumbling incoherent words. Several days later, he was mastering his shape sorter when I never even really taught him how to use it, and also started using the broom to “sweep” the floors. People say we should lower our expectations around kids, especially at the ripe age of under 2, but I say we should expect more and not be surprised by exhibitions of raw intelligenceand sharp observations. They’re little geniuses!

7. Surprisingly emphatic

Believe it or not, they sure know a thing or two about empathy. You laugh, your toddler will laugh along with you even though he doesn’t understand what’s funny.  When you feel bad, expect your toddler to feel the same. You might even see it in their facial expressions! And for this reason, if you feel anxious and angry, expect to have anxiety and anger in return.

8. They learn how to fear

As toddlers grow in terms of intelligence, they slowly learn fear as well. By learning how to fall, they start to fear heights. They’re afraid of the dark and even strangers. As your little tot learns how to communicate with you with words, they will become more vocal about what frightens them, such as strangers who might take him away at night when he’s alone in his room. Scary thought for parents, I know, which is exactly why you’ll also end up being more afraid for your toddler at the same time.

 9. You’ll want to give them away

As mean as it might sound, other parents of toddlers would know what I’m talking about. They’re cute, smart and delightful, yes, but there will be lots of times when you just dream of escaping to a deserted island or think of ways how you can sneak your tot into some box and leave it out on the curb undetected. Then again, of course, you never do, because in just a matter of seconds, they’ll do something completely adorable, like flash huge teethy smiles, say “Mommy” or hug you (or your leg) and they’ll win you back all over again.

10. They start becoming fun.

Infancy was all about the cuteness, schedules, swaddling, lots of sleeping and other honestly pretty boring stuff. If it wasn’t boring, it was the source of anxiety and stress for new parents. But the moment your child hits the toddler age, bam! Personality develops, habits are formed, they become wise and emotional, both smart and dumb, they dance and act out, and basically become little humans.



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