10 Things You Should Know About Toddlers (Part 1)

worried looking girl toddler

Whether or not you’re a parent, you’re bound to be in the presence of a wild toddler. For your sanity, it’s best to be prepared, or even over prepared, for such an instance because, trust me, you’ll need the heads up! Check out our little guide to toddlers below:

1. They’re little gods

And they believe it, too. Almost as soon as they celebrate their birthday and say goodbye to infancy (with a couple of independent steps, too) they seem to think that they created everything—even though most of these things are new to them. Therefore, they also believe that they can touch, smell and even taste everything that they can hands on. You almost wouldn’t want to tell them otherwise because, again, in toddler world, they’re the boss. What happens when they’re proven wrong? Read on.

2. Meltdowns are unbelievable

Not to mention highly unexpected. They’ll throw tantrums several times a day, screaming and crying like they had just hit their head hard somewhere but really, you just said “No” to them or took away a potentially dangerous toy from them. Tantrums are also so frequent that you’ll even worry when they haven’t had an episode in the past 30 minutes.

3. They’re also little tornados

They’re in your living room and making a mess one second, and then they’re pulling out clothes from their drawers the next. And in the middle of each “task,” they’d suddenly realize they want to grab that bright colored book from the other end of the living room—that is, if they don’t get sidetracked by something else along the way (which is very likely). This is exactly why you end up feeling like you did some cardio after following a toddler around the house for even just a couple of minutes.

4. They prefer odd “toys”

One morning, you’ll wake up to find out that your toddler has learned how to hand you stuff, and finds pleasure in seeing you smile and say “Thank you.” The next, he doesn’t want to touch his own toys but instead would be highly fascinated with empty bottles and containers. You’ll wonder, why do you still take time to head to the toy store and purchase expensive, “educational” tools when your child would really spend 5x as long with the empty tissue box? Not only that, you’ll find that even your little girl loves her brother’s toy trucks, and wonder if you should donate the dolls that doesn’t interest her. Sigh.

5. Without food and/or sleep, they turn into cannibals

God forbid, if any (or both!) of these needs are unmet, prepare for the worst. Your child will turn into this little cannibal who will throw things, scream, cry, writhe as if in pain, scratch and bite. So whenever you’re near a madly flailing toddler, whether yours or someone else’s, better check if any of those things are dealt with. If not, do so as soon as possible. The world will be a much better place if they are.

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