10 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Is Truly Awesome (Part 2)

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baby breastfeeding

6. The antibodies in your milk protect your little one.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about our milk is how it makes a child healthier and more protected from sicknesses! We pass essential antibodies and immunities through our milk. And when our child does get sick, the magical “baby spit backwash” allows our body to detect what the baby has so our body can produce whatever antibody is needed for the baby to fight the infection and passes it on through our milk. Wow!

7. You save so much money.

If it hasn’t been made obvious before, feeding our babies from the breast means we don’t have to shell out money for cans of formula. They quickly run out, especially when the baby grows and his appetite increases. Multiply the cost of even the biggest can by how much you’ll need in a year and you’ll be shocked! You do, however, spend on extra food for yourself for being the milk-maker, but the expenses for that are definitely still less compared to the cost of formula.

8. It burns so many calories!  

Not much about my appetite has changed since I got pregnant, really. I still eat heaps of food and get hungry after only a couple of hours. Why? Because we lose extra calories when we nurse. While we burn calories, it’s not a good idea to use it as a diet program. Our baby needs the milk, so we’ll need to keep eating. This means one good thing though: You can pretty much eat as much as you want and your weight will probably stay the same! Another plus is that your uterus will shrink back to its original shape faster while you shed off the pregnancy weight.

9. It’s easy to bond with fellow nursing moms.

There’s a huge support network for nursing moms everywhere. It’s already easy to click with fellow moms, and it’s even easier to make friends with nursing moms. Every one of them knows both the struggle and the joys of breastfeeding, so you will definitely be welcomed with open arms and offered all of the support that you need. They can be in your very own neighborhood, church group, online or even behind you at the local supermarket. When you see a mom nursing in public, don’t hesitate to flash her with a smile!

10. It prepares you for motherhood and the bigger hurdles ahead.

Breastfeeding is really the first task that you’re handed as an official mom, right after you welcome your child into the world. The minute after you give birth, you’re given the opportunity to nurse your child in the buff and you continue nursing for as long as you can throughout parenthood. It definitely comes with challenges, a whole lot of pain and some tears, but it only really makes you stronger to face other hurdles ahead. Once breastfeeding your child no longer hurts and finally becomes second nature, you’ll be proud of yourself and realize that there won’t be any task that you won’t be able to handle as a mother.



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