10 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Is Truly Awesome (Part 1)

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1. It cements the bond between you and your child.

A good way to improve your relationship with your child is to maximize your physical interaction with her–by breastfeeding! You form the habit of getting really close to each other, skin-to-skin, and you nourish your child with your body. Your child will have gotten used to your warmth and smell, and vice versa. You will later learn that you’re already losing yourself with each precious nursing moment.

2. Less hassle without bottles

No more need to wash, sterilize, dry, assemble, mix and measure (especially in the middle of the night) just to feed your baby with formula and bottles! When you leave the house, you won’t have to keep track of them and, mind you, there can be a lot of them because there’s also the water and the milk can to worry about. All you need to do is sit down, pull your shirt up, maybe throw a nursing cover on if your baby allows it, and be done with it. And if you’re a working mom and you pump daily, at least you can consider cup feeding and you still wouldn’t have to worry about bottles and mixing measurements!

3. You can sleep while nursing.

When your baby is a newborn and you’re feeding her round the clock, you’re bound to feel like a zombie. How do moms do it? Having to get up multiple times at night while dead sleepy also puts your child at risk. Go ahead and get more rest by co-sleeping and breastfeeding! Simply get into the side-lying position with your baby and let her nurse while you both drift off to beautiful slumber.

4. You lower your risk of breast cancer.

Here’s something to add to the long, long list of breastfeeding benefits! Research and studies have shown that nursing actually lowers the risk of breast cancer. So go ahead and nurse your babies longer and more often, because it only increases your chances of being cancer-free! Amazing, right?

5. You have a surefire way of putting your baby to sleep.

Breastfeeding relaxes a baby by lowering a baby’s blood pressure, regulates her breathing and heart rate. Both the good-tasting, perfectly warm milk and the comfortable snuggling contribute to these. No wonder babies instantly calm down and most of the time even fall asleep right after latching. Their whole body relaxes, their hands unclasp and they unlatch looking fully content. If only they can thank you this early!

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