10 Foods You Might Have To Avoid While Breastfeeding

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Most moms get excited about the period after giving birth, not only because they finally get to meet their little bundle of joy and feel a lot lighter physically but because they can finally eat whatever they please without worrying about your baby getting anything. Unfortunately, that last part isn’t exactly true if you’re breastfeeding.

Nursing moms will still need to watch what they eat, especially if they want to keep their milk supply high and don’t want to have any adverse effects on your newborn. It shouldn’t be too difficult, after all you’ve already gotten used to picking your food during pregnancy!

Here are 10 food choices that you have to avoid making in order to keep you and your baby healthy while breastfeeding:

1. Caffeine

Unfortunately, caffeine does work its way into your breastmilk so if you wish to enjoy coffee, sodas, or chocolate, make sure you have it after your baby’s sleep time.

2. Fish

Fish that are high in mercury still isn’t good for your baby. Avoid all types of fish that you were told to hold off when you were pregnant.

3. Chocolate

We know we already mentioned this for the caffeine category, but we have to mention it again because it can actually have a laxative effect on babies. If your baby gets fussy or has runny poop after you consume chocolate and nurse, you know what to do!

4. Parsley or peppermint

These herbs can reduce your supply of milk so avoid having it especially when a growth spurt is approaching and your baby is hungrier than usual.

5. Dairy

There are a lot of babies with dairy allergy. To find out if your baby is one of them, watch out for extra fussiness and skin issues like rashes or eczema and try eliminating it from your diet for a week and see if the problems clear up.

6. Alcohol

We’re sure you’ve heard this before! Alcohol also gets into your breastmilk as it does your bloodstream so if you absolutely have to indulge in a drink or two, make sure 1-2 hours have passed and you’re completely sober before you resume nursing.

7. Citrus

Some compounds in citrus fruits can be irritating for your baby’s immature digestive tract. Your baby could be spitting up, extra fussy and have diaper rash. If you want to have some vitamin C, better opt for pineapple or mango instead.

8. Peanuts

Peanut allergies are pretty common in adults. As it turns out, you’ll be able to find out if your baby is allergic to peanut this early. While it’s best to avoid it without waiting for a reaction especially if there’s a history of peanut allergy in your family, you can decide to avoid it only when you notice some wheezing, rashes or hives in your baby after consuming peanuts.

9. Garlic

While it doesn’t alter your milk supply levels or hurt your baby, it can make your breasts and milk a little repelling for your little one. This is because he can’t appreciate the smell just yet.

10. Wheat

If there’s cow’s milk intolerance, your baby can have gluten intolerance. Symptoms are bloody stools, fussiness and a painful tummy. The usual process of elimination should help you determine if wheat is the culprit.

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